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Sustainable farming – in a natural cycle

Agricultural waste

Modern farming is an efficient industry, but it also has some built-in bottlenecks in the production. Large amounts of manure may be a curb on development, but Billund BioRefinery can show a sustainable way into the future.

The manure may form part of the biogas production, and eventually it may also be possible to receive e.g. fallen stock and other organic material from the farming industry. Both contain good energy that can be utilised and contribute to a more sustainable cycle – e.g. in the form of biogas, electricity and heating to be used at the farms.

The other end products from Billund BioRefinery can – quite naturally – also enter into the big cycle of a sustainable farming industry. For instance, the sludge is converted into organic fertiliser that is odour-free, easy to handle and with a very high nutritive value. If desired, the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future can to a certain extent also produce phosphorus, i.e. artificial fertiliser.

It is so lovely in the countryside – and an even greener future awaits us!

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Our philosophy

"Waste and wastewater are not problems
- they are resources that offer
immense potential for
the environment"

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Partners in the project

A close cooperation between
the environmental group Krüger,
Billund Municipality and the utility company Billund Vand.

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Global interest

Environmental companies, politicians
and professionals from around the world
visit us to study Danish environmental technology.

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