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Warm thoughts about the future – without wasted energy


The biogas from organic waste and wastewater can be used for production of heat for the district heating system in a very efficient way.

Bio gasification ensures the highest possible utilisation of the energy content, and utilises the resources in a much more intelligent way than just incineration of the waste.

The Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future produces heat for own consumption and at the same time supplies excess heat to the public district heating system and to local customers such as industry and farmers.

That is an efficient use of resources – in a healthy and natural cycle.

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Our philosophy

"Waste and wastewater are not problems
- they are resources that offer
immense potential for
the environment"

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Partners in the project

A close cooperation between
the environmental group Krüger,
Billund Municipality and the utility company Billund Vand.

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Global interest

Environmental companies, politicians
and professionals from around the world
visit us to study Danish environmental technology.

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