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Nature’s own fertilizer – returned with thanks

Organic fertilizer

The organic fertilizer from Billund BioRefinery is a beautiful example of the cycle-philosophy behind Billund BioRefinery.

The biomass in the organic waste and wastewater sludge has grown by means of nature’s own energy from the sun which is transformed into biogas. The remaining biomass is converted into organic fertilizer that utilises the nutritive value and returns the organic carbon to the nature.

The advanced processes at Billund BioRefinery make it even easier for the crops to absorb the nutrients so the fertilizer value is very high. The farmers – and their neighbours – very much appreciate that the organic fertilizer is odour-free, and moreover it is almost as easy to handle as artificial fertilizer.

The cycle is complete and the crops get a new life - earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. 

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Our philosophy

"Waste and wastewater are not problems
- they are resources that offer
immense potential for
the environment"

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Partners in the project

A close cooperation between
the environmental group Krüger,
Billund Municipality and the utility company Billund Vand.

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Global interest

Environmental companies, politicians
and professionals from around the world
visit us to study Danish environmental technology.

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