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Better treatment – lower energy consumption

Wastewater treatment plant

The Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future operates above all more effectively – both in terms of improved water treatment as well as reduced energy consumption.

We use better and more intelligent control systems in relation to sewer catchments and amounts of precipitation – also through preceding control and alarm at e.g. extreme rain events.

At the same time, the wastewater treatment itself is performed much more effectively and at a markedly lower consumption of energy. This contributes to making the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future an ”Energy Factory” producing more energy than it consumes for wastewater treatment and waste management.

But the core product of a wastewater treatment plant – clean water – is also significantly improved. The wastewater treatment is performed entirely without dosing of chemicals and the treatment is so effective that the water quality complies with is only 25 percent of the maximum effluent requirements.

Billund BioRefinery is not only the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future – it is also the ecological link in the cycle between society and nature. Actually, the water in the treatment plants is so clean that we cannot get rid of the fish….

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Our philosophy

"Waste and wastewater are not problems
- they are resources that offer
immense potential for
the environment"

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Partners in the project

A close cooperation between
the environmental group Krüger,
Billund Municipality and the utility company Billund Vand.

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Global interest

Environmental companies, politicians
and professionals from around the world
visit us to study Danish environmental technology.

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