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World premiere for Exelys technology

News // Monday, 29 August 2016

World premiere for Exelys technology

Today, Member of the Danish Parliament and Spokeswoman on Nature Anni Matthiesen (V) inaugurated the ground-breaking EXELYS technology at Billund BioRefinery


The green heart of Billund BioRefinery – the Wastewater Treatment Plant of the Future – was put into operation today by the Liberal Party’s Spokeswoman on Nature, Member of the Environment and Food Committee, MP Anni Matthiesen.
She performed the official inauguration of the patented EXELYS™ technology, and at the same time celebrating its world premiere. In brief, the Danish-designed technology allows for an even more efficient utilisation of the resources in waste and wastewater and is thus able to reduce the costs related to wastewater treatment – all to the benefit of the consumers.

"Billund BioRefinery shows the way forward and makes the vision of waste and wastewater being resources very concrete. It is a lighthouse project developed by means of public support, but already now we can see that the big commercial potential for Danish Environmental Export is being realised," says Anni Matthiesen with reference to the first concrete export orders from South Korea.

"It makes me especially happy and proud that a small utility company from my own local area works together with an international environmental group about a project that really enjoys global interest." 

Billund BioRefinery is developed in collaboration between Billund Vand A/S and the environmental group Krüger A/S, who has designed the EXELYS technology. The two treatment methods Anita™Mox and the STAR control system – both developed by Krüger – make the plant very efficient. The plant is able to produce up to 60 per cent more biogas and changes the balance between energy consumption and own production of energy, so that more energy is produced than required for treatment.

"It is very satisfying finally to see the plant in operation and we have great expectations to the new technology. We experience an enormous interest from specialists all over the world so it is a very tangible export potential to be targeted in order to create growth and jobs across the business”, says Krüger’s CEO Leif Bentsen.

Billund BioRefinery also experiences a keen interest for the project from the entire Danish water sector.

"We supply the same amount of biomass before and after the commissioning of the EXELYS, so we will have an exact measurement of the effect. The plant now runs continuously and is operated by Billund Vand’s experienced operators, according to plan," says Ole P. Johnsen CEO of Billund Vand.

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